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The Halifax Soccer League supports and promotes the importance of Fair Play and RESPECT for each other and match officials.

As members of the HSL we will:
  • Respect the match officials under all circumstances.
  • Never engage in public criticism of the match officials.
  • Never engage in offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour towards match officials.
  • Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment.
  • Promote positive on field behaviour.
  • Ensure league growth through positive behaviours.
  • Respect everyone involved in our game!
It is the responsibility of everyone within the HSL to ensure that the league remains a fun, safe and competitive place to play.
HC Metros(0)@(3)FSA
OGZ(3)@(8)Pumas 2
Hfx Untd(6)@(5)HC Metros
OGZ(1)@(9)Hfx Untd
DUSC(0)@(5)Pumas 2
Thermohome(0)@(3)HC Metros
12:00pm Hfx Untd @ Thermohome
12:00pm FSA @ ARFC
1:00pm HC Metros @ DUSC
1:00pm Pumas @ Pumas 2

Dalton, A
1. Dalton, A. Pumas 2 14
2. Kennedy, J. Pumas 10
3. Call Up, H. Pumas 7
4. Boschel, T. Pumas 2 6
5. Fay, D. Hfx Untd 6
Broeske, M
1. Broeske, M. DUSC 1 0
2. Cannon, C. Pumas 1 0
3. Clarke-James, A. DUSC 1 0
4. Davis, N. HYG 1 0
5. El Bouwab, H. HC Metros 1 0

Spring League
Team Reps, Spring League is set to commence on April 3rd , please ensure you have contacted your registrar and have your team registered before March 31st. We are still finalising the total number of teams and consequently the schedule and total cost.
League playoffs are set to commence on March 2nd, top 6 teams will compete for the League Playoff Championship whereas the bottom six teams will compete for the Cormier Cup. Both formats will be split into two groups where each team will play the other teams in the group on...

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